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2020-09-24 03:40:17 (UTC)

Doh!! I messed up!! 😱

Dang it! I missed my Dr appt. I thought for sure it was on a Thursday but taking a look at my appt calendar today, I see it was for yesterday. I already had the day planned out too. Dr. Appt, deposit funds from insurance into my checking, drop off my medical enrollment paperwork to Human Resources because my current Medical group will no longer take my current health plan starting 2021. I also need to drop by my primary care physician for a vaccine shot. Not the popular flu shot. It's a DTaP shot. I was on my electronic medical chart and googling it tells me it's a vaccine shot for Diphtheria, Tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough). Didn't even know we still do those but whatever, I've been poked and prodded (non-sexually) for awhile now so I may as well pour it on and get this over with too.

But nope. I can't believe I missed a scheduled appt but I did. Sigh... I'm so good at schedules too. Oh well, virtually slapped myself for a few min and I'll just have to reschedule it whenever they can take me in. Not like I don't have time since I do but it's been six weeks. I recall that's my timeframe they told me to wear this neck brace for. It's now outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did get some walking done. I squeezed in 3 blocks again and two of them were without the use of the cane. I'm getting stronger everyday. I just wish I didn't miss my Dr app. I wanted to ask what I am approved to do now in my upper body area. I have this urgent need to stretch out. It was part of my workout regime and I'm sort of afraid right now to do it. Some screw in me might pop out of something. lol. But my shoulder muscles are tight and I'm consciously having to stop myself when I start doing stretches by habit. But no, I won't. I'll wait till I get the green light. Not going to cause myself to have to get surgery touchup because I was being too impatient and stupid. Well, I'm stupid all the time but I can somewhat control being impatient at least.

I got invited to a b-day party tomorrow (actually it's tonight now. It's like 4AM at the moment). Not really wanting to go and it's for someone that forgot about the food drop off they said they were gonna do for me. I wasn't asking for it but when you say you're going to do something for a friend and you don't, it does hurt a little. But yeah, not feeling like going but then again, I'd be a hypocrite to myself and I guess some readers here for saying 1% all the time. Meaning that even if I think it's only a 1% chance I'll have fun at this party, I should go anyway. So yeah, there is that. I'll probably go. First time really going on a social's outing since my surgery so maybe I need to go even though I don't really want to. FYI... Netflix is.....the Devil!!! lol