London Life
2020-09-23 22:50:06 (UTC)

Sexy girls of Bournemouth and Wimborne Minster

CATCH-UP PART 1 – Friday 18th – Bournemouth and Wimborne Minster

We cycled down to Waterloo in good time again; Jack had some porridge there and we got the train back through the area we’d been to on Tuesday, remembering the countryside near Endsleigh Street station. At Bournemouth, we cycled a confusing, meandering back-street-and-across-the-main-A-Road route to the Mad Cucumber vegan café. Always good to see the healthy ones still in business after the lockdown. We sat outside in the sun, opposite a quiet shopping spot called The Triangle.

Jack wanted to see the pier and we cycled through a hilly green park with a stream running through it; unusual for a city. We went past the beach and it was great to see so many beautiful bare bottoms. Seems thong cossies or bikinis have finally become the norm for anyone under about 28. It was true in Portugal five years ago, but not until I was in Brighton last year did I notice girls daring to wear it in the UK. Best was a girl queuing for ice cream, who wasn’t even on the beach but on a nearby pavement, so essentially she was standing in a public street revealing the entirety of her shapely bare bum – it reminded me of my own excitement, walking along an (admittedly deserted) cliff path wearing my own then-rarely-worn black thong swimming costume a few years ago.

Because I let Jack find the bus stop, the bus went by, without stopping, on the other side and we missed it. As it was a boring place to wait, we decided to walk to the next stop rather than wait there for the next one. We walked past the beach and two girls in very high thongs walked very close to us along the path – it would have been great, but unluckily, they were possibly the only girls in the area with pot-marked bums, which didn’t look good at all.

Instead of a 31, another bus to Wimborne arrived. The driver wouldn’t leave while I tried to undo my jammed zip and get my PlusBus ticket out. A London bus driver would have driven on while I found the ticket. This one claimed it “always happened”. Well it hadn’t happened to me before, and I had to pay him again - if we’d have thought about it, we could have got off and caught the imminent 31 after I’d got my zip open. A lot of the journey went through boring suburbs and left the main road for uninteresting housing estates.

We got off at Wimborne monster, and had a coffee at the square. Even Jack noticed how a teenage schoolgirl got away with a micro-short flared skirt as part of her uniform, wearing proper make-up. I think the posh schools let them get away with more, thinking they’re not so vulnerable. I spotted two other schoolgirls with full leg on show. We had a ride round to the Minster, Jack popped into Waitrose, and we rode through country lanes to Horton Inn, where we were staying.

It was on the map as a place, but as the name suggests, it was just a big pub, near a junction with a big garden. We were staying in a big former attic, two bedrooms with a passage dividing them, no doors in-between but with a bathroom off the passage. The hotel food service was supposed to finish at 20:00, so we got some crisps, but then they said they could do falafel salad for us, which we ate in the bar. We went for a quick walk to check the direction to cycle down to, for Jack’s race next day. It was pitch dark and there was nowhere else to walk, really quite a remote area.

CURRENT – 23rd September 2020
I didn’t wake until 08:40 but although I felt better than yesterday, I emailed my boss to take Sick Leave, only for him to text me about 10:30 saying I hadn’t logged in, and was everything all right. I lay on the sofa and caught up with The Guardian while we listened to songs beginning with ‘S’ on my oldies playlist.

Jack went to lunch with his friend and I cancelled my run for tonight. As it happened, Liz (who’s working from home again now) and CJ, who was too tired, also pulled out. This let Katy in, which was nice, and Paul, who noted I wasn’t there, took up another place in the restricted-to-six run, but was very boring in mentioning how it would be his first run he’d ever done without me being there. Maybe now he’ll stop saying every time we meet, that I’ve always been on every run he’s been on. I’m not even sure whether it’s true, before the lockdown. I also caught up with a few printed newspapers, the CNJ and the NLP, and popped out briefly with Jack to Nisa. So we finally got around to taking back some large yellow Allplants cardboard boxes and wrapping, for recycling. They’ve been brightening up the front room for weeks and I might even miss them...

Today there were over 6,000 new Covid cases in the UK. During the lockdown, the Government said they wouldn’t let anything open again until the figure fell below 4,000. There was talk of another two-week lockdown, but at the moment they’re just restricting outside gatherings, shutting the pubs at 22:00 and no longer letting the top 7 football levels restart in October, even with restricted crowds. The testing system in the last six months has lurched between different trials, plans and promises, and the phone enquiry system is terrible, with people in this area being told to travel to Telford or even Inverness for a test when there’s a walk-in centre behind the Forum, within the borough, which no-one was aware of. Matt Hancock was telling everyone to get a test, now he’s blaming the chaos on too many people applying without the proper symptoms.