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2020-09-23 19:47:15 (UTC)

What is love?

That feel that is very hard to explain in words because it is felt. That tingling, that butterflies in tummy, sparkle in the eyes, day dreaming about that person. Constant smile while talking Or thinking abt that person. To be happy around thag person is love. When you look into their eyes you know what is it. Feeling sad when they are hurt.
These all are feelings which is initial, then it grows and loving that person becomes in love with that person, there is no shame to be naked, to be real, to be touched, to be cared your entire body wants that person to be loved. That is so pure when you trust and dnt doubt a bit, when you surrender yourself to them. Looks, fat, ugly is no more important because that persons touch, voice, existence is all you need. You plan future. You protect, you feel safe in their arms that hig gives the feeling that can not be explained. You are lucky to be loved and to love that person. You become selfless for that person. That feeling nothing but brings tear in my eyes it's that pure.. That person also has power to hurt you thet way they love you that hurts the most but making up, patching up makes it stronger and you keep growing day by day.. Week by week, month by month and ye by yr and then entire life. You get habit to see and be with each other. How much you love to tell that person abt everything, share every thing, cry, laugh, mischief fight, argue swear but at the end that same person comforts you. Ahhhhhh that feeling is pure...
Love is selfless.. But only your mother can love you this way... No body on this earth loves you like a mother. But the lovers love is something different, you gotta be lucky to find such love.