Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2020-09-23 17:50:48 (UTC)


The aurora granted a plethora, of silent idle thoughts,
Where serendipity pieced together her scattered needs and wants
Cushioned by the rains sweet smell, left before the dawn,
She pondered in her solitude, the map where she belonged
The viewpoint was ineffable, too great, nefarious,
Bountiful meadows were stricken of life, barren, yet glorious
For nothing circumferenced her heart to break, life was all but her,
Her resurrection knew new truths, and all the tales that were
A wiser woman came to life, with sonder, gratefulness,
And splashed across her pages, all the years that she suppressed
One singular seed had planted, and rooted in the ground,
And linked a path into her soul, and sang a song profound
A melody sonorous, that matched the sunrise glare,
And warmed the chill that bled her skin, and dried the single tear.