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2020-09-23 16:12:23 (UTC)


Imagine if everything you needed was on the other side of fear?
Imagine if you didn't care where you were because your focus was where you were going?
Imagine if protocol was replaced with spontaneity?
Imagine if reality wasn't real and a dream was reality?
Imagine if your mindset was the safe place and the world was the enemy?
Imagine if your actions revealed the truth and lies were built on insecurity?
Imagine if you were addicted to the right things and allergic to wrong things?
Imagine if love was just a word but forever was that which sustained?
Imagine if patience created masterpieces and here and nows created chaos?
Imagine if memories were truly treasured and grudges had no purpose?
Imagine if endless happiness resides within loving yourself?
Imagine if the world knew forgiveness and hate was not a thought?
Imagine if you thought you were brave and never knew defeat?
Imagine if madness was sanity and sanity was ignorant and blind?
Imagine if no's meant yes's and second thoughts never existed?
Imagine if power meant courage and equality constituted equal?
Imagine if blaming others gave no answers but looking within did?
Imagine if when it was done impossible didn't exist?
Imagine if difficult become meaningful and easy become meaningless?
Imagine if failure built character and the pessimist see opportunity?
Imagine if you told yourself you can and told yourself you can't, and you were right?

Imagination is a powerful thing..............