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2020-09-23 17:44:11 (UTC)

The Little Boat in the Ocean

That little boat in the ocean
So small in the sea’s expanse
With its simple harmonic motion
Insignificant, at first glance

The mother moon shows illumination
Advancing the sea’s ebb and flow
And that little boat in the ocean
Did sway and dip and blow

It’s port and bow and transom
Struggle with every wave
The ocean’s ruthless ransom
That little boat, so brave

And its little mast that stood proudly
Splintered in the thundering skies
The crackling break roared loudly
And the little boat nearly capsized

It rode the storm with ardour
It battened its gunwales
That little boat, the commander
Through treacherous angry gales

It’s bow and port and starboard
All damaged from the storm
That little boat in the ocean
Had truly outperformed

It’s tiny frame, trivialized
Its greatness was unseen
But that little boat in the ocean
Birthed a great marine

For the storm that came to challenge it
Was regression towards a mean
And it sailed the calmer shores to find
It’s paradise, Evergreen

Copyright © 2019 T.C. Holls 6466220419S021

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