Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2019-11-22 20:10:43 (UTC)


Copyright © 2019 T.C. Holls 6466241119SO26The little girl used buttercups
Beneath her chin to find her luck
Amongst the fields of grass so green
Her solitude with nature beamed
And as she peeked across the plains
A neighing pony came untamed
Out she reached her tiny hand
And rode the hills across the land
Through daisy fields, across the lakes
The untamed pony gave no brakes
And wild is, as crazy does
The little girl buzzed and buzzed
For freedom reigned within their bond
Adventures gained to their beyond
And lay in place where she grew up
She never forgot her buttercup
Beside the old oak tree stood firm
Where roots were strong and lessons learned
And wild crusades will speak their truths
When both begin to lose their youth
And home will be where roots returned
With tales to tell and fears they churned

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