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2020-02-19 23:15:20 (UTC)

Mama's Lullaby

“Let me out! Let me out! Please let me go!” The screams fainter with every breath becoming weaker, her screeching cries echoed the cold concrete cell, shadows plaguing the walls, each one approaching closer and closer, scourging her terror. Horrifying sounds were heard in the distance, a man bellowing, gruesome long screams for mercy. Blood dripped the corners of her eyes, her nose, and ears, merging with the salt of her tears, spreading and drenching the blood down her body. The deep indentations from the heavy steel chains moulded into her skin searing it like a hot knife through butter. She hung in the pitch blackness with the stench of rotting flesh stinging the air, making her gag and throw up, splashing pools of it wherever it fell below her. She wept with a chilling tone that neared her demise. The pain overwhelmed her senses, the holes left where her nipples once were leaked thick clotted blood, draining more life out of her. The creak and thud of a heavy door were heard, she panicked, terror succumbed her and she screamed “Nooooooooo!! No please, no!” She wriggled with all her might, fighting the chains and yelping in agony desperate to free herself “Why?” She begged, “Why are you doing this to me! Please stop, nooo!” She spluttered and spat as conspicuous resounding footsteps neared her, and a peal of sinister laughter. The rope noosed around her neck began to tighten and pull her head upright, lifting her higher from the air she hung in, she choked and gargled blood from her mouth until it halted. The creaking of the wheel spun again, her arms strained and spread, her legs tugged wider as the chains breached to surface her bones, where her wrists and ankles had no flesh left. Her eyes rolled in their sockets, she had become numb, and then a menacing blow sliced the flesh clean open from the centre of her chest to her pubic bone. Blood-curdling cries silenced as her harrowing tormentor reached inside clamping digits, wrenching the heart from her chest to meet her fatal end.

As she took one last final breath and raised her head forward, focusing through the blur of claret streaming her eyes to see her persecutor, there stood before her in those last moments…... was her reflection looking back at her.

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