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2019-12-07 20:24:35 (UTC)

What Will You Be?

Would you fly me to the moon?
Or will you steer me into the sun?
Would you be the wind in my sails that sweeps me into paradise?
Or would you watch me sink deep into the ocean?
Would you be the free-spirit in the stallion that I ride?
Or would you be the devil on my shoulder?
Maybe you’ll be the first spring flower breaking the dawn?
Or maybe, the harsh frost taking life from the last of them?

What will you be – to me?

I would take you to the moon.
I would be the waves upon the ocean that glide you into paradise.
And gallop you right into my heart and offer you an oyster to the world.
I would bloom a multifaceted flower, and grow with you on each new dawn.
I’d shield you from the heat of the sun.
And be the rock that saves you from sinking.
I’d offer my soul to the devil to liberate yours.
And surround you with the warmth of my arms, showing you a new meaning of life.

That is what I would be – to you.