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2019-03-08 22:21:34 (UTC)

A Million Dreams

A million dreams you gave to me
Like a midnight sky of stars
I dreamt that we will always be
One heartbeat that is ours.

One breath, one word can change it all.
Moments, no one else can know.
Are diamonds in our waterfall?
To catch and never let go.

I’ll sail across oceans to find you
I’ll follow the stars for a sign
As the heavens try to bring you home
Into these arms of mine

For the million dreams, you gave to me.
Are dreams I cannot keep
The Angels blessed our hearts to free
The love we bury deep.

The ebb and flow of the ocean tide
One single star, my guiding light
Journeys me to be beside
The dream I hold inside.

Place my name upon the night
All the dreams will show
The One to set your heart alight
Is the star with the brightest glow

And all the shadows disappear
And we’re reaching for the sun
Lovers promises, free the fear
For they have found the One