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Through the Looking-Glass
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2018-10-04 22:58:23 (UTC)

Rose of Yellow

And he sees it

See all the intricacies of his rose
Indulging between each petal more elaborate than the next
Hidden beneath her branches
Monotonous branches she displays to the world
Concealing the depths of her colour-coded complex polarity
Within each silk, petal felt
Gleaning for him to unfold her

To unravel

Fructifying his seed into the ovule of her needs
Bypassing each thorn, she pierced the air to deter

And he sees it

That she had lived and died forty times
Blooming, wilting, rotting slow deaths
Her final breaths disguised amongst her thorns.
Her time measured by the light
And regulated by the dark.

And he sees it

Revealing each stigma within her and enveloping them with his love
Embracing each blemish that scarred shadows on her colours
Encompassing her iniquity with conviction
And exposing each layer.
Opening her up

And he felt it

Entwining his soul around hers
Igniting her to bloom just for him

With him

And as he yields the light to offer her.
So too does he yield the dark to suppress her
And she absorbs him
Breaths him in again

To bathe in the dark
To bathe in the light
That he bestows upon her