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2019-05-12 18:42:12 (UTC)

Little Tic-Tac

My Pretty little tic-tac
It's so lovely to see you smile
Laughing with your boyfriend
On the PS4 for a while
You know your mum always worries
As I watch you laugh and joke
For I worry when hearts get broken
I'll have to clear the smoke
Faith is my only option
Because I've got to let you live
And master the fundamentals
And learn how to forgive
Because my little tic-tac
If you cannot learn to let go
You'll live a life of hatred
And your sins you'll never know
I know you battle with your emotions
It's how I used to be
But darling listen to your Mother
I'll guide you, you will see
But take your time
There is no rush to be free
We need to learn all sides of Life
To reach the old oak tree
I know your boyfriend is good for you
He brings you lots of joy
And laughter and fun is what you need
Be youthful babes, enjoy
Don't worry about all the other stuff
I'll sort it out for sure
Mothers' were built to hold the fort
And keep you safe, secure
And whilst I hear your laughter
And I watch from not too far
Your Mother's heart rests proudly
At my growing little star.