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Through the Looking-Glass
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2019-07-20 13:23:00 (UTC)

Black As Sin

See the door?
The pale, cracked tinge?
The broken handle?
The wonky hinge?

You're watching it
You cut the ropes
And fear to face
Stolen hopes

Look inside

What's behind?

Black as sin
A face defined

Where is daddy now?
Mummy's here
She spits you out
Then draws you near

A heinous shadow
Chills your soul
And steals the air
And digs the hole

Your blood is hers
Hers to spill
A dark river flows
She takes your will
And covers you
Bangs the last nail;

"Mum's here, darling".
"Let's begin, from this day forth you'll carry me, every day into the night, in your dreams, that I incite".
"No ambitious goals will be yours without mine. No days will light for you to shine".
"You understand me, darling? No love will be for yours to hold, no skyline or sunsets, no rainbows nor gold."
"Because you live in my shadow, taunted by dread, treading my footsteps, that to you, I imbed".
'You'll never amount to anything, no wiser a mother, the whore, that's rotting in the gutter."
"You'll never break free, from those chains with me".

"But that's where you're wrong, Mother.
For the brush that you tar
Chokes your air and takes these scars
Unfastens the nails and lifts the lid
Drains the river of the evil you did.

Open the door Mother, and see what's behind.
I learnt from the best and let me remind
You hold nothing more but a derelict soul.
Look where I'm standing?
I dug a new hole".