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2019-08-24 14:33:13 (UTC)

The Alligator and The Rabbit

One day in September, when the summer was nearing its end. The sunshine gave one more burst of light to grace the flowers sustainability. In amongst those flowers lived an abundance of doe. They were all varied in their appearance, and all motioned in different fluent but beautiful stances as they bounced through the meadows. When they did so they came across a river and on the other side were bountiful carrots. Of course, the doe's wanted to reach the other side but how could they for the river flowed fast and angrily and they knew they would meet their death if they attempted to jump across it for it was too wide to reach the other side. As they pondered their route at the river's edge, they perched on their hind legs with ears alert, and a large alligator reared it's giant head from out of the river and said: "Good afternoon, bunny rabbits how are you on this fine afternoon?" The rabbits did not feel threatened because the alligator was so pleasantly warming in its introduction. So one of the rabbits responded, "Hello, Mr Alligator. We are a little stuck", tweaking her ears with her eyes full and welcoming, "this river is too wide and volatile for us to cross, we are trying to find a route to the other side to reach those carrots". The alligator grated his teeth. His eyes wandered over each rabbit that lined the embankment and replied, "Well, I can help you with that. All you need to do is jump onto my back, and I will take you to the other side". The little rabbit's jumped up and down with happiness, "Would you? That is so kind and thoughtful of you, thank you!". One rabbit jumped on his back, then another and so on, until they were all lined along the edge of the embankment on the other side, "Thank you so much, Mr Alligator" said one rabbit "You've been so accommodating!". Suddenly the alligator turned swiftly, opened its jaws wide and swallowed up all the bunny rabbits on the embankment!

A turtle, watching from the meadow called out to the alligator and said, ‘Er, Mr Alligator why did you do that?" The turtle edged forward, "Why were you so kind and thoughtful and then ate those bunny rabbits?" The alligator turned towards the turtle and replied, "Why? Well, why wouldn't I? I am an alligator after all!" The turtle looked to him and then across the meadow and said, "But you forgot one? That bunny over there" the turtle nodded in the bunny's direction, and the alligator replied, "Oh no, that bunny isn't forgotten. I allowed that one to live" the turtle looked confused, "I don't understand, Mr Alligator. Why allow that one to live?" the alligator swished its tail in the water, in annoyance at the turtle's stupidity and responded, "Because turtle, that little rabbit knew my capability and what destruction I could cause. It was the only rabbit that didn't wait on the edge to meet its peril on the other side" the turtle looked puzzled, "And you're not going to eat it now?" said the turtle. The alligator responded, "No. that little rabbit is clever. It is cunning like me." The alligator moved in the direction of the rabbit and said: "Come, little rabbit, I will ferry you across the river, and I will not eat you." The rabbit paused and looked into the eyes of the alligator, "That's very kind of you, Mr Alligator but while you have a belly full of my friends that could only see the carrots across the river. They failed to recognise the carrots that lay hidden amongst the grass right here" the turtle smiled, and the alligator said to the turtle, "And that is why that little rabbit lives and the rest are in my belly. They were too eager to jump before they could see"..........

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