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2019-02-11 19:01:57 (UTC)

Go to sleep, little one

Go to sleep, little one. You’re always up so late. Think of all the mighty oaks and how they grew so tall. Their roots wedged firm beneath the ground, and they weathered many storms. They swayed and snapped their boughs sometimes, but still, they stayed so strong. Go to sleep, little one. You need your strength to fight, the howling wolves that bark and group in packs to scare and bite. Go to sleep, little one the darkness kills your light, dream of all the summer days, in the fields you flew your kite. Dream big, dream of, pretty little wings, so you can fly like a butterfly, soaring, flying high. Go to sleep, little one. Don’t be scared to try, for all the wonders of the world are there to be defied. Be brave, fear not, close your tired eyes. The pearls in oysters, in the sea, are rare like you. You see. Your future is before you, with golden fields, and sunrise glows, my blooming pretty rose. Go to sleep, little one. For Mother always knows, that tired eyes cant see the world, for all it has to show. To little girls, with tired eyes who lost their golden glow.

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