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2019-04-06 23:35:34 (UTC)

Branded Love

Love is paradoxical
A maze that never ends
A Labyrinth that lends
Pureness not pretence
Breaking all barriers
Purging the truth
Transparent candour

Love is the anguish
In two distant heart's
The besotted, The erotic
A Master in it's Arts.
The brutal commander
That glistening glow
The numero Uno
Of a fine aged Bordeaux

Love isn't comparable.
Or gilded by measure
It's free-flowing, it's primal.
Paradisiacal treasure
It strengthens and transfixes.
Tested, and it stitches.
Broken hearts
Restless souls
And yearners wishes

A blessing in its essence
In all its forms
For love lives through lifetimes.
And weathers many storms.