Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2019-03-12 12:31:30 (UTC)


And the night sky was illuminated.
Looking up unto its depths
And the stars aligned and fated.
Two souls to reconnect
Each dying star in the universe
One energy beam traversed.
Two flames ignite the cosmos.
Giving life to quench its thirst.
Nurturing a secret knowing,
Threw time and space it grew,
And now the stars were glowing,
The pure energy of 'oneness' knew,
Forged fire burning within them,
Beyond the infinite skies,
Merged sparks to form a 'one love.'
And two souls to harmonize.
Ancient lovers call the echos,
Of each other's heart's desire,
Like a breeze across the meadows,
Ever aching to aspire.
Their stardust magnets cluster
Like waves on a raging sea
And flesh responds a lustre.
To a bond, Ineffably.

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