👁️ Bandersnatch 👁️

Through the Looking-Glass
2019-08-05 21:26:02 (UTC)

Wicked Winter

Love lives for the wicked
but I'll never be a bride
I'm not a lady, baby
I'm an animal inside

Here's my gift of poison
It will make you burn
And quench that itch
Ignite your blood
Hail' oh psycho bitch

I'm such a pretty drug, baby
Craving your addiction
I feel your rage, inside mine
And rub against its friction.

Smother me in your sin
And fuck me through the night
Lips on my sweet prince, I crave
You'll be my suicide.

All those masks you hide behind
You'll never hide inside
You signed your soul to the devil that day
When your lips and mine entwined

Your danger like a razorback
The knife sharpens my touch
You're deadly like a heart attack
You'll never be, too much.

Do you feel me near?
Pinching at your nerves
Losing all my innocence
The void left to reserve

Surrender isn't what it was before
Because winter comes and goes
My walls were hard as stone one day
And now they've decomposed.

You will be the death of me
When there's nowhere left to run
For the pressure on my lips for you
Burn hotter than the sun.

Your cut is my weakness
My words litter your ears
Let's not be civilised no more
Let's take it up a gear.

For they'll be lightening through my teeth
When I kiss away your fears
We'll make it something beautiful
When the poison disappears

My Monster, My Prince Charming
My psycho 'off the cuff'.
I'm twisted; I'm an Angel.
My horns are pretty rough.

There's still a beat in a dead heart.
There's life still in the shadows.
The cracks not reached the wishbone
The blood still bleeds from stone
And the sun keeps burning brighter
Then the poison in your bones
My Monster, My Prince Charming
Your psycho isn't alone.