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2019-09-05 12:26:28 (UTC)

In All Ways A Woman

Which values of his existence shine brighter than the Sun?
Does he favour, control over love? Or power just for fun?

For in all ways, woman warrior armours with courage and the elixir of life, and draws the bridge and walks the plank and sheaths his blood-stained knife like the Gardens of Babylon which hang with eternal beauty, matched by stars within her gaze that steals the divine duty. For when galleries bare his darkest skies, with paintings upon the walls, that shield an eternity of lasting lies and empty, soulless calls, a different dawn arises, to mark a hundred years, of the face he missed just for a day, that bled upon steel spears. For his eyes die blind, his voice breathes still, the beating heart erodes, and the mellow murmuring threads of deceit will thrive on empty roads.

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