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2019-06-29 22:06:16 (UTC)

Forfeited Pride

For Mar xx

She’s a strong woman
But forfeits her pride
The demons still haunt her
She’s beautiful inside
She gives all herself
To make him a man
And puts on her mask
To play out his plan
Her resilience is gold dust
Her heart, bemused
Her mind is a galaxy
Her body bruised
She tortures her beauty
And fails to see
All that she gives him
Is hers not his
Her love is her duty
He satisfies his needs
Her pain is his pleasure
His hunger she feeds
Her joy non-existent
When she closes the door
Shuts out the world
And fights her war
Open your eyes and see what I see
That all that you give
Is yours to keep
Love yourself first
The mountain is steep
The battle is won
When you take that first leap
Trust in yourself
Because I trust in you
That all you possess
Will help you get too
The person you want to be
And help see you through
To everything that I see in you.