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2019-01-15 11:05:02 (UTC)

Jar of Hearts

And she cried
For the hundredth time
The frays of silver thread, thinning.
And she knew no other love.
Then the anguish that kept winning.
And she held on tight to the last of them.
Isolating her heart
Time was taking hold of her.
And ripping her apart.
For the man that was, but never was
Lay dormant in the shadows
And she fought to find the answers.
With juxta love imposed
Puppetmaster pulls strings.
Dangles all the carrots.
Sits upon his pedestal
And judges on her merits.
Sweet is the taste that bleeds.
She’s everything but nothing.
Abandonment that feeds
The sadist she is worshipping.
And the darkness is what makes me.
And my pain is for his taking.
And I embrace and let him taste me.
Until I can’t stop breaking.
The Sadist and The Masochist
Together they exist
The shattered and The glorified
No secrets
Left to hide
Take the blade, sharpen it.
Cut her healing scars.
Dirty knees. She begs. Submits
To join your, Jar of Hearts.

Copyright © 2019 T.C. Holls 280219S008