Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2019-01-04 11:03:39 (UTC)


We walk within the shadow time whereby winter is every season
And the cold light breeze wraps its crimes around every ignorant reason
The fruit falls far from the apple cart as black blood bleeds the heart
And the lady of the full moon and the wild beasts sing and chant
While the heavens hail their stones to mock the lack of evolution
We pine, destroy and await our fate upon our retribution
For fools rush in where ash still lies the burning embers of time
And up above the mountain top the eagle soars and climbs
To watch war horses gallop below when hooves strike sparks in fury
When love is to woman what war is to man, the fools rush in prematurely
The most deadly thing they'll ever do while blood turns black and the flesh turns blue
The eagle soars in the rising sun when the winter shadows subdue

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