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2020-09-23 01:12:15 (UTC)

Military school was not for me!

I remember a trip we took with my dad once to go visit my brother who was going to a military school in Roswell NM and was such a great example for fallowing generations who also dreamed of going to the same school. The drive there from Mexico is amazing, and the one thing I remember best are all the fruit stands on the side of the roads with oranges and cherries, oh my goodness just thinking about it makes my mouth water. My younger brothers also wanted to go to this school as so did I, it was a mix school and I remember begging my father to let me go there as I was always very competitive with my older brother. I also had better grades than him or al least I always thought so. He said it was not a place for me, because of my illness and I can't remember all the things he said, all I know is that it was because he was what we call here in Mexico a Macho man! he probably thought nothing good would have come of me geting that education if I'm a woman and would end up married anyways. This always made me feel furious because I know he was not being fair witt me. I always came out first place in everything I participated on and it still was never enough. I was over it by next summer, I know if I work hard enough and figure things out on my own I don't have to depend on anyone to make things hapen for me. Everything I have acomplished has always been because I have had the persistance to meet my goals.
Any how a few years later I got to cook for my brother because some important people would come in to town I made some traditional Mexican food that represent us as a culture, so I did. These important people my brother had come over for dinner were some of the same people he had met at his old Military school, so while eating dinner and talking about how wonderful the food was, a lady one of my brothers guest asked him why i didn't go to NMMI? As I explained to her my Fathers reasons, she said, well that is
unacceptable you would have done great and probably even better than all your brothers, man if your grades were as good as your food, trust me you would have excelled in any area you could have I just know it. Needless to say that was good of enough compliment for me, my brother and everyone their heard her say that and I felt so flattered and good coming from her.
I some times I wonder about these things of how many diffrent places my life could have taken me, but then I realize that every dicision I made at one point or another always lead me to the same mean, meeting my husband and having my children. I've livied a very fufilled life and still have so, so many memories to make that I am trilled to see what each day has to offer.