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2020-09-22 23:25:50 (UTC)

The War with Oneself

I wrote this last year and putting it back on for a diarist. Here it is for you. Hope it helps.

The War with Oneself:

There is a strength in winning a battle. An undeniable sense of greatness within oneself when one has primed oneself and battened down their defences to face the war with fervour. Although, note I say “oneself” because most of us fight our own inner turmoil over and over until we beat it and sometimes not at all. Let’s say, in the battle to reach the paramount goal, you have to fight many little ones to get to the final pinnacle. Each battle builds you more, your greatness in yourself is birthing many other qualities in you, like confidence, resilience, courage, faith, hope. All ticking away in the making of the quintessential you to power you to your ultimate goal.

Let’s say, you’ve conquered it and that undeniable sense of greatness that oozed from your every orifice is present. You look around and for a fleeting moment you realize, nobody really cares. No-one cares about your battles to reach your ultimate battle and win your war. Nobody cares, that you feel great. Nobody is interested in the lengths and breadths you struggled through to get to where you wanted to be. Then you realize a very important lesson in life. That from the moment you were born into flesh, your pain is your own, your breath is your own, your experiences are your own, your battles are your own and your life is your own to live.

When all is said and done. You come into this world alone and you leave this world alone. It’s no wonder that the happiest, most content of us are the people that realize this and appreciate that we are alone. If others become part of our world, that’s wonderful but ultimately if you understand its always meant to be you in a relationship with yourself, you’ll never feel alone.

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