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2020-09-22 13:12:16 (UTC)

Tried to take my walk yesterday 🙂

I was going to see how many blocks I could walk around the block. Record for me was three so far. I just go round and round to make sure in case something goes wrong, my house is not far. After almost finishing my first lap, my friend Jenny called asking what I was doing and if I was home. Told her not much and I was at home.

Well, she was practicing or actually her son was practicing his driving for his upcoming driver's lic test. So just as I started walking up my driveway, they drive in. lol. We chatted for a bit trying to get the latest scoops on things. She tells me she is having oral surgery soon to save her teeth I guess. Not sure on the details but it was just something to talk about.

Told her my Sister left last Saturday so I'd been solo for a few days now. Liked the company but also liked the peace and quiet too. So I told my Sister she should come visit once in awhile and spend the weekend. Maybe once every couple of months was my thought. Her place doesn't have a lot of stores and stuff that I have in my City. Told Jenny that my Superstar friend came by the other day to drop off more candy..

I also asked Jenny why someone was talking bad about me when I brought my Superstar gym friend, her Sister, and brother camping with me the last time? I figured he was either jealous or his morals were really high standard. Jenny laughed when I said this guy may have high morals. She said that this guy is the worse of all of us so it must be jealousy and a perv mind.

So obviously, my walks around the block that day did not break any records. Just once around the block. My sleep (although I've been sleeping better) is all messed up. I stay up till late and wake up late. Not like I'm doing anything but I need to try to be normal and go to bed at a decent hr and get up at a decent hr. Notice I never said early. Just decent because I know I'm fool of poop if I said early. The last time I got up early were due to appts or mtgs that started early. Last time I was consistently early was when the kiddos were here and I'd drop them off to school before heading out to work. lol

Oh, almost forgot. The my hot ladyfriend that knows how to take apart an ak47? lol. I put her on my top 10% hottest peeps list that only I and a select few friend know and it's just made up. Heidi knows about that list and is actually jealous I didn't put her on it. It's just a fun thing I made just for laughs and giggles. Anyway she texted me a few times asking for tips about my divorce that happened many years ago. She was separated for a long time now and she still never got it done and now it's starting to haunt her financially. Well, that's what she gets for not making a move. Can't sweep things that important under the carpet. She did and now she is gonna have to deal with it. Of course, I didn't tell her that. I just know she's hot and she can do that thing with an AK like I said. She's from I dunno, maybe from some slavic country but she told me a long time ago that they had to serve for a little bit when she was younger and she learned how to take apart clean and reassemble an AK47. I always thought that was cool. Anyway, I just told her that the end is almost done. Whatever happens will happen and she will not have to deal with it anymore after it's done. I said "Hopefully, that dark cloud looming over your head will finally go away and you'll be able to live with less stress and fill it with more happiness instead". So hopefully that made her feel better.

That's about it for yesterday. Hoping for a mellow day today. Thursday is my first post op mtg with my surgeon. I'm sure there will be follow up x rays and discussion on what to do next. I should finally be ok to drive and I can finally take off this dang neck brace. It's so annoying to have on. It's like an ex gf you can't get rid of!! lol

Smile peeps.

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