2001-10-11 01:27:30 (UTC)

First Entry

Hey! My name is Scott and I like in a small town in Ohio. I
am 16 years old and a junoir in high school. I play
football and another sport but am currently unsure of what
I want the other sport to be! I have a g/f we have been
going out for like 13 months and I am madly in love. I
would do anything for her. I am a giant teddy bear and if
anybody needs a hug just let me now ;). I don't really know
what else to say so I guess I could start with my day.
Today was kind of weird 4th period I was talking to a
friend who is dating a guy is my best guy friend and they
haven't been getting along very well and she thinks she may
have a crush on another guy and I don't know...this kinda
got me thinking about my relationship and I am so glad that
we aren't having this sort of thing. I mean this girl who
is my friend has to be in love with this guy but now she is
uncertain cause she is a year older and doesn't know about
her future. Well I don't know what else to write so I will
end with that!