taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-09-22 18:06:13 (UTC)

derpity doo second wave

oh woe are doug ford and the politicians, powerless to reenact any meaningful policy to quell this fall wave of rising infections that everyone knew was coming since april - daily record in ottawa today. instead it's intensified finger waving at individuals for partying or whatever. bitch, I've seen one friend this entire time. his press conferences are straight up bullshit of the highest order. "we'll be releasing our fall preparedness plan in the coming days", "we're transitioning from coming days to releasing the plan in the next day or two", "TOMORROW = PLAN" *** fall happens (today)*** "something about flu shots. oh and the plan will be released in stages over the coming days"

these fuckers sat around doing corruption or wherever they do, as fall moved in. you know they have no actual plan as per the mo of these clowns. and now we're all going to die because money and they're allergic to closing down non-essential shif

I'm fucking exhausted today.

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