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2020-09-22 12:33:51 (UTC)

Santos X Maris Part 2: Finale

I hope you are enjoy for the episodes:
05-31-2019: Last day of 2019 School:

06-07-2019: Graduation 2019 After Party:

06-13-2019: True Colors:

07-09-2019: Blocking Anonymous People Internet:

07-23-2019: First Day Of School:

07-31-2019: Luwow Announcement:

08-07-2019: NFL Predictions:

08-16-2019: Luwow Parties:

08-27-2019: Maris is still drunk again:

09-09-2019: Maris felts okay for her job:

09-13-2019: Cry on the shoulder:

09-18-2019: Setting up things in school:

09-19-2019: Welcome back Maristellar:

09-27-2019: Beach Day Club with your boyfriend:

10-01-2019: Maris stops by to get some groceries:

10-07-2019: Santos tells Maris about going to drag race this afternoon:

10-08-2019: Ready for the Fast Driving?:

10-15-2019: Fake Drawing:

10-18-2019: Clearing Absence:

11-04-2019: Saving Maris:

11-06-2019: Salsa Practice:

03-12-2020: Santos talks to Abby about hitting David in the backpack:

03-13-2020: Having a Breakdown:

04-09-2020: Dani needs to fixed Santos Stuff:

04-10-2020: Pau, Dani and Maris are selling burritos in school:

05-18-2020: Santos kisses Iris:

05-19-2020: Camila's 20 Celebration:

05-22-2020: Santos thanks Camila for the wedding day:

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