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2020-09-22 00:35:22 (UTC)

Santos X Maris Part 1:

Santos - Close Friend
Maris - Victim
First Episode: 07-25-2018
Last Episode: 05-22-2020: Finale
Rolando X Maris
Rolando X Camila
Esteban X Camila (He did appeared when Santos just started on the End of Course Classes on Period 2)
07-25-2018: First Meet:
At School: Government Class: Maristellar puts my Worksheet turned in for the basket:
Maris: (walks, and trips) Oh my god Jonathan! My files!
Santos: (picks up your Files) Sorry Maristellar, it's just the accident Maris.
(They stared)
07-27-2018: Is Rolando loving you back?:
At School: Classroom: Chemistry:
Santos: Is Rolando loving you back?
Maris: (pours the chemistry) Yeah Why?
Santos: Good question Maris.
07-30-2018: I think Maris loves you:

08-01-2018: Santos, Maris are staying back in school:

08-10-2018: Go talk to Maris:

09-07-2018: She's Here:

10-24-2018: Locked up In Class:

10-26-2018: Hermosa Maristellar:

11-02-2018: Bonding with the boys:

11-14-2018: I think she got caughted up:

12-06-2018: Santos tell Rolando about Maris is going to worksite:

12-12-2018: Bonding at Losers Place:

12-19-2018: Seeking Attention:
Santos: Maris, thank you for the walking with you.
Maris: Appreciate Santito! Umm Have you seen Rolando?
Santos: Umm your amor? He's here, so I will call him.
Maris: Okay.
(Esteban just sees Maris and Santos are talking each other together)
Maris: (stares Esteban)
Santos: You okay?
Maris: Umm yeah, it's just Esteban.
Santos: I know Maris, you just dumped him before.
Maris: Right.
12-28-2018: Maris ends Esteban for going out to the movies:
At Movie Theater: Outside: Most Movie Theater People are in line:
Santos: What movie do you want?
Maris: I think I am going to watch the Superhero movie.
Santos: Okay Maris.
Esteban: Jeff, I'll be back.
Jeff: Okay Esteban.
Esteban: Maris, why are you here?
(Maris ignores the comment)
Santos: She doesn't want to talk to you.
Esteban: Get out of my place.
Maristellar: No, I don't wanna go!
Santos: Let's go home or else, your phone will be blackmailed!
Maristellar: Okay fine!
01-07-2019: Blocking some strangers:

01-16-2019: Blackmail Messages:

01-17-2019: Failing The Relationship:
At School: Main Hallway: Esteban holding the roses for the early February Day:
Santos: Tav, Is Maris mad?
Tav: Yeah she is. (watches Esteban and Kimberly are doing the vday date) Maris, Esteban has Kimberly right now. So you are gonna date Rolando right now.
Maris: I know.
Gio: Sup guys?
Tav, Santos and Maris: Hey.
Santos: Gio, I think Maris just failed for the relationship.
Gio: (To Maris) Maris, it's okay, you have Rolando.
Maris: (To Gio) I know Gio. What a stupid proposal!
Gio: It's not a stupid vday Proposal! It's a surprise!
Maris: Okay whatever.
(all students clapping, except Maris, Gio, Tav and Santos are getting mad and upset)
Santos: Let's go Maris!
(Maris rolls eyes to Santos)
01-18-2019: Rolando kisses Maris:

02-04-2019: Where did you get your rose:

02-07-2019: Tavio messes Maris Date:

02-27-2019: Blaming on the Alcohol:

03-10-2019: Are you on the party with Rolando?:

03-20-2019: It's still sprinkling:

03-22-2019: Maris drinking beer in the house:

04-08-2019: Novio y Novia:

04-17-2019: Santos tells Maris about the love last longer:

04-24-2019: Tell me about it Rolando:

05-03-2019: Maris is here!:

05-15-2019: Que Romantica Maris:

05-19-2019: Maris Bday Celebration:

05-21-2019: Dating Sammy, because Bri Cheating on him:
At School: Main Hallway:
Sam: Santos, may I talk to Bri, because we're gonna end of the relationship tomorrow?
Santos: Okay why?
Sam: (To Santos) Tomorrow, I will gonna date Maris.
Maris: Me?! What the hell Sam!
Sam: I'm gonna break Bri right now.
Maria: Okay.
05-30-2019: Rolando is still missing:
At School: Main Hallway: Maris texting Rolando on the phone in public:
Maris: Santos!
Santos: Maristellar, what's up?
Maristellar: Umm I think we have to get some Esteban's pictures from the store.
Santos: (opens Maristellar's Photo files from yesterday and Tuesday) I think your picture just blurred today.
Maristellar: I know Jonny, I have to catch up some photo files from the sore, but I need to ask my mom tho.

(part 2)

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