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2020-09-21 14:38:29 (UTC)


Been one hell of a busy ass day.
I’m completely flipping exhausted.

Indio supersized me with a new fridge and stove. There’s some minor things wrong with them, but a 90% upgrade from the old ones my landlord keeps putting in here.
They are stainless steel.
Look awesome.

So spent all morning cleaning and getting those installed and the old ones by the garage.

Super nice surprise.

We had a little issue yesterday, but he came to me and apologized for his over reaction.
He had brought a water dispenser and asked me to clean it, and he grabbed a shower, I had no clue he wanted it done right then. When I say something needs done he gets it done when he gets to it.
But his apology helped ease the tension.

But just an update.

I’m exhausted and need sleep.