La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-09-21 04:49:18 (UTC)

Falling leaves

This time of year always takes me back to our old house in my hometown. I can picture my mom's pecan trees surrounding our home and making that very peculiar sound they make when the leaves have began to dry and the pecans have began to bloom in opening up the cacoon that had been protecting them while growing...Oh I can taste them right there when they are still a little to humid for the normal dry taste, and theirs this little white liquid that they have and makes them taste so good. Most people dislike the pecans during this time put to me is the best time to eat them when they become compleatly ripe they have a wonderful taste as well. I can see all these tall trees dancing in the windy days making room for harvest and I always miss my home no matter where am at. Looking foward to thanksgiving. And funny that I was talking about this...My sister called me today and asked me to make a brothers and sisters wassapp group witch I did cuz I think am the only one with all of their curent cell numbers, yes must be because I'm the only one always reaching out. Any how we were all talking about having a family reunion for thanksgiving and my heart wanted to fly home today! I miss my family so much and even though I know this means making future sacrifices financially I'm more than willing to do so, just because of this year, it's been hard enough on me and my health already I need to do everything possible to come see them before anything crazier happens.