Experienced Life
2020-09-20 19:32:18 (UTC)

Looking back 🤔

I'm getting a lot of reminders on FB and even on my Amazon Photos on past pics. Makes me think back to that time and what kind of a man I was. So I did some self assessing again today. I tried to recall my goals from 3 years and again on some I made 2 years ago. And you know what? Even though some of the experiences sucked big time, I'm not regretting any moments of them. Never regretted losing weight starting three years ago. Never regretted my self improvements I started 2 years ago. The person I see now in the mirror and the one I recall from a few years back is a different person. Can't help but smile.

So yeah, I know it seemed like a long road and maybe it was but now that I'm looking back at those timeframes, I'm proud of myself and glad of my journey so far. These past three years were so full of so many events. So much learned these last three years and so grateful it made me the person I am today.

1) I physically look way different. I posted my dmv pics from before and my renewed pic for my real ID and I look better now than I did 5 years ago.
2) Social Status increased. I learned how to be better friend so I now have more real friends than ever. Now I have to put my social appts on my Outlook calendar because I can't keep up with my personal playtime schedule.
3) Loving myself. How many people can say they love themselves? I mean really truly love themselves and not in a oocky way but in a nice maybe ever spiritual way (No rolling of your eyes readers).
4) I make more money. That can't be a bad thing.
5) I have more friends from separate baskets of life. Newest basket I made up is my gym friends.
6) I learned to dress better. Now people are either asking me at work if I'm going for a job interview or they come and tell me I'm the best dressed in the group we're in. And yes, they do talk about it. Must be a woman thing.
7) Being alone is not lonely and I'm ok with it (Still horny and that can' be helped). I am at peace.
8) I'm oh so aware of things around me now. Not physically but something like life in general. It's hard to explain. I just feel or seem to see things in a different light now? Not rose colored, just a little more knowledgeable in what's really important in life and what to focus on. I see things in a different angle now. Can't really explain this clearly. Sorry.
9) I smile without having to have a reason to smile. When was the last time we were like this? I know when. When we were kids in grade school and everything was still magical. We loved everything so a child is almost always smiling. Maybe because they haven't be run through the ringer of life yet but I think it's because their hearts are in the right place and society didn't mold them into anything terrible...yet.

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