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2020-09-20 11:15:14 (UTC)

Good morning Merica 😅

Good morning peeps. Had a very yummy cheap dinner last night. I bought some frozen won ton from Costco with Sis a couple of weeks ago and some just-add-hot-water noodles soup from that Asian market and decided to make my own won ton mein noodle soup. It came out ok. Appetite is still iffy but the broth was not bad. Had a little too much to drink though. Oj and vodka. Well, at least I had a good night's sleep for sure. Not gonna be walking around the block anytime soon this morning. Maybe I may just to punish myself for drinking a little too much last night. But I did spend the entire day without taking any Norco so there is some progress.

Oh man! I just weighed myself and I'm down to 159 lbs. I don't think it's from the walking. I think my guts aren't functioning right and I need to flush all these meds out of my system. But hey, if you gotta go, may as well be losing weight than to go by gaining weight. My back feels even better today. I'm starting a little stretching and rotating of my shoulders without pushing it. So far so good. My back/neck area where the incision is isn't be such a be-atch today so I'm happy and know that I'm on track and healing just fine. The worse is over. I did take a power nap yesterday after my uh... power walk? lol. Still a lame walk around the block but I don't care. This does tell me I'm still weak and need to regain my strength again. Need to intake more protein to help my back muscles get fixed up and up my blood count.

Having my traditional morning coffee but on the kitchen table this time. I got my coffee, flowers on the coffee table and I really like the picture hanging on my wall (Same as my profile pic). It speaks to me like it's a reflection of my life in one pic. So I'm chatting a little with my new friend. All is good. Very quiet as usual except for a mutt that won't shut up and keeps barking somewhere but its' not my dog so not my problem.

Time to do a little cleaning and maybe a little more purging. Then I'll see what impulse shopping I may want to buy on QVC.
It's a good day today. Hope everyone else has one too :)