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2020-09-20 03:18:17 (UTC)

Wow!! Neighbors sure are nosey 😱

I didn't realize but while I was trying to do three walks around the block today, my neighbor stopped me to chat with me. He said he saw me a week or so ago and didn't recognize me but thought it looked like me. Yeah... I had a brace on and was hanging on with my cane trying to make it around the block. Stopped like 6 times because I was not doing so well. He said he saw my "Mom" taking out the trash bins on collection day and la de dah. Told him that they saw my Sister. They were nosey asking me what happened to me.

But they were polite. I just didn't know my neighbors were so nosey that they know my routine. They say that they haven't seen me in the garage working out lately. Well, during the height of Covid, I was doing Zoom work out classes. Then later, I was attending physical classes but we'd have to leave on time since the gyms are mandated to clean/fumigate after class. So my jump roping had to be done at home after class. So I'd usually do my 2,00-4,000 jumps a day in my garage.

Well, fast forward to today and now you see a dude with a cane wobbling around the block. haha. So.. yeah. Neighbors. Telling me they thought they saw my Mom? Well.... I age well so I look way younger than I actually am. That really caused some issues later in my dating life. I'd usually find someone cool and we'd be attracted to each other only to find out I'm older than I looked. Didn't stop them from fooling around with me even after they found out though but yeah... whatever.

Otherwise, today was a good day. I didn't take one Norco pain killer pill. Just trying to get back into form. After my three walks around the block, I got home and took a nap. So that tells me I'm still low on blood count for sure. Trying to eat good protein and stuff to get me back into shape. Well, not into shape but to a not bad toned dad bod body. lol

Other than that, life is good. I can see myself feeling better each and every day now so I know I got this. I think by this Thursday, I'll be allowed to drive so that's another plus. I've been sleeping on the bed almost every night now and the pain has dropped down big time. I can finally catch up on my sleep. Barely slept the first three weeks post surgery. Feeling good again. Can't wait for what tomorrow brings me, Should be an even better day. I'll push for four blocks this time. We'll see.

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