I don't even know
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2020-09-20 01:10:29 (UTC)

Fall's Coming

Dear Diary,
Fall's coming. It's honestly my favorite season. The leaves are beautiful and it's getting colder, which I like. Yesterday I watched some TikToks. It was mostly cottagecore, home cafe, and other things. Those things relax me so much. Especially since it's fall. Fall TikTok is the best. I'm pissed that it's gonna get taken down. I can't believe that our so called 'president' is gonna worry about hate, when the pandemic is about to take 200,000 lives and 2020 is getting worse. And people still support Trump like, the fuck? Sorry, it's just getting on my nerves. School is pretty stupid. I mean, it was better than 6th grade, but it gonna get harder and I'm honestly scared. Everybody looks up to me and expect amazing things since I'm the oldest. Whenever I think about my future, I always think it's never gonna be good enough, and I make myself depressed. But with fall coming, I can relax for now. Fall makes me feel better honestly. I just wanna ride my bike around the neighborhood and enjoy the cold wind, but my parents won't let me. They think I'll get hurt, and I don't blame them. They never ask me how I am, but why would they. I don't really expect them to ask, but it would be nice once in a while. I've also stopped cutting, for now at least. I think I cut because I just wanted to. I still want to sometimes, but it's not because of anything specific.