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2020-09-19 15:14:01 (UTC)

Careful with hoping and standing still 😱

I have a friend that broke up with her guy. It wasn’t a nice breakup so she is pretty hurt. She still has hope and is hoping to get back with him. It’s been off and on with her boyfriend for about a year now. This is sad and it bugs me because hoping in this case means standing still in life. Not moving forward or back. Just standing still. This is so wrong. I have to say that I look at my friend a little differently now. She looks less attractive. Not because of her physical body but because of her mind. It’s ugly and it’s not going to help get her man back if that’s what she still wants.

I suggested she start dating again but she isn’t because just in case her ex bf come back, she wants to be there for him. She doesn’t want to go out because it’ll lessen her chances of getting her ex bf back or it may cause her ex bf not want to be with her. Dang!!! She don’t realize how less I think of her now. I know it’s mean but this is what I’m feeling and thinking.

So this helped open my eyes a little bit more too. I myself need to stop standing still. I need to remind myself to go out there and mingle in the world. I recall telling myself even if it’s only a 1% chance of going out and having a great time, then do it. Even if I come home and say “5 min of that entire evening was fun”, at least I did something. So yeah, I’m having to remind myself to do the things I feel made me a happier person.

So while I can’t help my friend help herself, at least I can remind myself to get out there again and enjoy what this world has to offer. I just need to heal from this surgery, sort of wait for Covid to come and go, get the indoor gym back on without the 8x8 physical restrictions, be back and work, stay away from the psycho political lunatics , and you better believe I’ll be back out there again. I got this. To be continued….

BTW, I realized I have a gigantic amount of canned goods in the garage pantry and I'm sure there were some very expired food in there. So I cleaned it up and I swear, I dumped 2/3 of what was in the pantry. Some of the expired cans were years past their ideal "open by" date. Some as old as 2015. Yipes!!! lol It's one of those things that you say you'll take care of later but never do. So I guess I have another bug up my butt and will be cleaning and purging my house more. Now I have to work on the pantry inside the house. ugh..