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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-09-17 02:09:50 (UTC)

Still smiling.

The times have change so much. Now I get the chance to write for people I don't know and wonder what crosses trough there mind while they read me...And I keep asking myself how difrent would it be if I shared all this on Facebook where the people that have known me all my life are. Or what their response would be to some of my entrees. Well l don't know if I had that kind of courages way of exposing myself since here I remain anonymous and in that I share some confort.
I just got published in 1 habbits for entrepreneurs and is been amazing geting this writting oportunity to do so, my dearest friend from the past called me out of the blue and told me about this great chance to write a chapter on a number one selling book on Amazon and my jaw droped I was so trilled about what he was ofering, he has this great thing that he does and give out ramdom acts of kindness and I was on that list, because he knows how much I've long to becoming a writer on a difrent level. So our book will come out on the 25th for sale to the public.
I remember back in the day I also got a chance to write some poetry and I even got the book by mail and felt so good about it. And now number 1 selling book well I'm feeling truly blessed.
On a nother note I decided is not the right time to go visit my family this year, even though am dying to go see them all I will hope for the best if I can't go I'll have my mom come visit and pay her plane ticket instead. even though she is frighten with this whole coronavirus still going arround.
I am so happy with the way things are going even though is not all there yet with us being stuck at home ve decide to have a positive outlook on this whole expirience because we all know things will never go back to the way they use to. At least we can say we have survived most of this year and need to look foward for whatever is ahead.

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