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2020-09-19 11:01:13 (UTC)

All quiet at home 😋

Well, since I've been feeling a lot better this week, I told my Sister last Monday I'll be ok and she can go back home whenever she wanted to. She wanted to stay away from the bad air in her neighborhood so she said she'd stay till it's clear at her place and the weather report indicated that would be this weekend so she said she'd stay till Saturday which was fine.

This week, I could finally sleep on my bed all night long without much pain. I know because I wake up fine and can smile once again without wincing first. Whew... that is a nice feeling. Got up to say good morning to my Sis but she already took off. I guess I overslept. She left a note thanking me for letting me stay at my "Hotel". lol. I gave her a credit card, keys to the house and a garage opener so she didn't have to spend money once she got over here. She only used it for food. So we got along pretty well I think. They don't have Asian markets at her city so I took her to three different asian markets while she was here and she really liked it. I don't see the big deal because I like all kinds of food except for Mexican foods but to each his/her own.

She said earlier this week that she likes my neighborhood. Mature trees and people are friendly. House is way bigger than where she lives. She's retired and jut living in a 800 square foot apt. So yeah, compared to that, my place is big I guess. haha. I spoil myself. I know this house and yard is way more than I really need but I get along with the landlord and moving sucks so I'll just stay here for a bit more. It is a good neighborhood so I can't complain really. I hired a yard service so I don't have to do any yardwork.

I'm running solo now so I need to be a little cautious on what I do. But waking up to a clean, quiet, and nice peaceful quiet home is nice. No fighting, no having to deal with someone in the house. Not having to wake up to someone you wish weren't with you but too scared to do anything about it or are just settling. Nope. None of that. I forget how being alone is not all that bad. There are perks that I take for granted.

So this morning, Sister made a pot of coffee before she left. I"m now having a nice cup of coffee, looking at my flowers, hearing the blue jays outside. I can still smell remnants of the cologne I sprayed on last night which is Herod by Parfum de Marly. So even though I just went through surgery a month ago, I know all will be ok soon and my happy world is just waiting for me. All I need to do is step out of that door and it's there for me to conquer :)

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