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me and my life
2020-09-19 06:52:42 (UTC)


Today its Saturday a weekend my god earlier I use to wait so eagerly for weekend, but now its just a regular day for me. I returned yesterday at home in Dombivli its boring here too but, am glad am with mom she is happy as well. my back is aching because of bad mattress I need to change it today any how. so new mattress and new pillow yayayaaa..... i have many thing to buy am just ignoring to avoid spending money like
Mattress and Pillow 5000 INR max
ENT for ear cleaning 2000 INR max
Dentist for cleaning cavity and cap 8000 - 10000 Inr max
Sonography 2000 Inr max
Thyriod check test 500 Inr
Anti glares 4000 Inr
Glasses for mom and eye checkup 1500 Inr
Light Battery 1000 Inr
panties and bralets
so thats all medically requirement of which ill do mom eye check up and glasses and matress in this month. ill go for ent next month and so on....
today am enrolling for Affiliate marketing 4000 inr is the investment.lets see how I can do. I have tried my hands in such side earning but never got success, lets see how this goes.
for now ill apply for jobs and look for prospects.

think positive, Positive is about to happen soon....