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2020-09-18 21:19:21 (UTC)

Andrea X Maris Part 2 Finale:

Rolando X Maris:
Andrea - Amiga
Maristellar/Camila - Amiga

09-03-2019: Signing the Fall Sports:

09-06-2019: Buffalo Serving Skills:

09-11-2019: Fall Homecoming Voting:

09-13-2019: Are you Okay?:

09-17-2019: Serving Tater Tots At Lunch:

09-18-2019: Presentation of the Chemistry Class:

10-22-2019: Do not Invite Maris to come over:

10-26-2019: Halloween Party In TJ:

10-29-2019: Maris gets scolded David for her mom's morning issues:

10-31-2019: Viral Video for Esteban's 24:

11-04-2019: Sharing Panda Express Food:

12-10-2019: Self Violence:

12-20-2019: Maris talks about what David did in the movie time:

12-31-2019: New Years Party 2019:

01-16-2020: Andrea confronts Kimberly:

01-17-2020: David slaps Maris:
At School: Transition Class:
Transition Teacher: Read a book for the 15 minutes, no talking.
(everyone is reading a book, except Davi is drawing on his notebook)
(Maristellar raises her hand)
Transition Teacher: Yeah Maristellar.
Andrea: Say Something.
Eric: (To Andrea) Just read Andi.
Andrea: Shut up!
Eric: Don't shut up to me.
Maristellar: David is writing the notebook.
Davi: I did not do anything Maris. (slaps Maris)
Maristellar: Oh my god!
Hanchez: You're fine Maris. Andrea, shut up
Andrea: What the hell did you just call me?!
Transition Teacher: Andrea, that's a point.
Andrea: David started it!
Maristellar: Sis, just read.
Andrea: Okay.
01-28-2020: The Bean Bag Toss Challenge:

01-30-2020: Andrea saves Maris for hurting David in Otay Mesa Station:

02-11-2020: Breakdown David:

03-12-2020: Abby's Problems:
At Maris House: Bedroom: Abby is laying down in Katie's bed:
Andrea: Is your head okay?
Abby: Yes Andi.
Andrea: Your mom will be here for the moment, just relax!
Katie: Who hurt Abby?
Maris: I think it was my classmate.
Katie: (gets my ice pack, and puts ice pack in your head) Don't move.

03-13-2020: Losing the Point:

04-09-2020: Missing Assignment:

05-19-2020: Andrea received Camila's gift:

05-20-2020: Karla Saves Andrea/ Andrea in the Hospital:

05-21-2020: Sonia gets upset with Andrea:

05-22-2020: Kidnapped Again/ Wedding For Ms Audrey's:

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