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2020-09-18 21:09:25 (UTC)

Andrea X Maris Part 1:

Lugo appeared On December 10, 2018:
Andrea L - Amiga
Maristellar/ Camila - Amiga
(chronical order: 12-10-2018 through 5-22-2020)
12-10-2018: First Meet/That's Andrea:
Maris: Maris.
Andrea: Andrea.
Rolando: She's hot tho.
Andrea L: Amigas?
Maris: Si
Andrea Clip:
At Cafeteria: Maris sees Andrea alone, and she wants to sit with her:
Andrea: Maristellar, I hope you came here!
Maristellar: Thanks Andrea. Umm do you know Katherine Aka Katie?
Andrea: No.
(Katie enters)
Katie: Hi I'm Katherine, but you can call me Katie.
Andrea: Lugo.
12-12-2018: Do you know this guy?:
At School: Computer Lab Room: Andrea and Maris are in the classroom looking Esteban's Pictures on their phones:
Andrea: Umm do you know where is your flash disk in your laptop?
Maris: Yes. (gets the flash disk in my bag, and puts it in) I got it.
(Maris' laptop is still loading the files)
Maris: Okay done!
12-13-2018: Throwing Tissues in Esteban's House:

12-14-2018: Pranks Time:

12-18-2018: Andrea and Maris Vs Kimberly:
At Girls Bathroom: Kimberly is in the bathroom talking to Esteban:
Kimberly: Yes Esteban, so you need popcorn and some drinks? Good! I'll catch up with you then. Bye!
(Andrea and Maris enters the Bathroom wearing the hipster clothing with ripped distressed on it)
Maris: What do you want Kim, do you wanted to get rid of Esteban before my old boyfriend is dead?
Kimberly: Maris, just get out of my sight! And do not parked in my parking lot this morning, and you are ruined it! (slaps Maris in the leg)
Andrea: Maris, are you alright?
Maris: Yeah Thanks!
(Katie and Karla enters)
Karla: What's going on with these two!
Andrea: Karla, don't say it anything, I need to talk to my brother.
Maris: Wait Diego?
Andrea: No. I think it was unamed.
Kimberly: So you are too late to kiss my boyfriend!
Katie: Kimberly, can you leave the bathroom before the security gets in trouble with us?!
Kimberly: Excuse me Maris sister, who the fuck is that this mean girl?
Katie: Oh yeah, I'm with my sister Maris.
Andrea: Katie, just stop right now.
Katie: Andrea, shut up and let me finish!
Andrea: (rolls eyes) Okay alright.
12-20-2018: Andrea definitely loses the game in p.E time/ Kimberly gets slapped with Andrea: (Spoilers: Andrea's cousin will appearance during December 20, 2018- May 22nd 2020 for the episode who played by Erin O)
At School: Classroom: Andrea is still crying:
Maris: Oh my gosh Andrea, are you alright?
Andrea: Yeah, I just lose the Volleyball game during Pe.
Maris: What a shame! (gets a tissue)
Andrea: (blows nose)
Kim slaps Andrea Clip:
At School: Main Hallway: Andrea and Maris are walking together:
Maris: So, how's class?
Andrea: Good! I just got the test going on here, and someone just fight and it was my cousin.
Maris: Oh who was it?
Andrea: I think Mikayla.
(Mikayla Enters)
Mikayla: I told you, you are being so upset about getting our grades done assholes!
Andrea: Shut up Mikayla! (shrugs) Maris, Mikayla hates me.
Maris: Yeah I know.
(Kimberly enters)
Kimberly: So, did you just went to the kindergarten today?
Maris: What the fuck are you gonna try to say to me?
Andrea: She is not the kindergartner. She's fine.
Kimberly: (slaps Andrea) You know what, you are going to the detention all alone before you.
(Kimberly exits)
(Oscar C enters)
Oscar C: Maris, your photos are ready.
Maris: Thanks Oscar. Umm wanna go for the holiday party with me?
Oscar C: Sure. (hugs)
Maris: Thanks! (hugs back)
(Oscar exits)
Andrea: Is that your crew member?
Maris: Yeah I think so.
12-21-2018: Holiday Party Invitations:
At Maristellar House: Maristellar Guest Room:
Andrea: Nice Stuff.
Maristellar: Thanks. (sits the loft chair)
Andrea: Umm I have plans for the snow day vacation with my classmates. I have some of these photos from last year.
Maristellar: That's cool. (opens my laptop, and sees the winter photo from You)
Andrea: I think that was the gossip thing.
12-24-2018: Holiday Party:

12-26-2018: Nail Polishes:

01-10-2019: Came home from Sal's Party:

01-15-2019: No one is still invited:

01-16-2019: Seeking Esteban's Stuff:

01-18-2019: Do you kissed Rolando when you are having sex?:
At School: Main Hallway:
Andrea: Awwwww! Did you kissed Rolando?
Maris: Yes!
Andrea and Maris: (squealing)
Andrea: Congrats my love!
Maris: Well thank you Andi! Let's kill Esteban!
Andrea: Right!
01-24-2019: Are you drunk?:
Rolando: Girls, I need to talk to Kat.
Maris: Kat, she's my sister
Andrea: I think she was my baby.
Rolando: No Andrea.
01-25-2019: Maris Is Fainted:
Rolando: Andrea?
Andrea: Yeah?
Rolando: Is Maris sleeping?
Andrea: Umm yeah, she got fainted for walking around the park.
Rolando: Maris, just fainted Where do I call Katie?
Mom: Andrea. Katie is here
(Katie Enters)
Katie: Maris!!!
02-05-2019: She has the least boobs in the Pe Locker girls:
At School: Girls Locker Room: The girls are putting some school clothes, and drying hair for the end of the pe days:
Alex: Maristellar, umm your bra doesn't fit you, because you went for the wrong shopping spree with my mom.
Maristellar: I know Alex, I got the size 34C, because I love 34C bras so much.
Dani Kennedy: I think Andrea is still in the shower.
Maris: I know. (opens the locker, gets my regular clothes) (puts on my black leggings, puts on my Lavender Long sleeve) (ties my boots) (closes the locker) (picks up my viral photos) What a stupid guy in his classroom.
Andrea: Speaking to this guy, Maristellar has dumped Esteban for about 4 years.
Dani Kennedy: Oh my gosh, Maris, did you just killed him?
Maris: What the fuck! My ex boyfriend just crashed the neighbors car, and the others are still sleeping in my house! That was so scary.
Andrea: I know Maris, don't tell anyone!
02-06-2019: Prank Sisters/ Getting Esteban in the van/ The girls dragged Esteban in the garage:
Andrea: Katie, Maris?
Both: Yes?
Andrea: Umm Gradnite?
Katie: Actually, my sister does not go.
Rolando: Prank Wars List?
Katie: Umm My sister finished. But I need one more item.
Rolando: What is it?
Katie: Monarch Butterfly
Rolando: No
Katie: Anchovies or salted Fish?
Rolando: Salted Fish
Katie: Got you! (writes on the prank list)
Getting Esteban in the Van Clip:
At Maristellar Van: They drive in the van:
Andrea: So what we gonna do?
Maris: (gets my sunglasses on) I need to pick up Esteban right away before 20 minutes to shift.
Andrea: What happened to your stuff?
Maristellar: It's dusty!
Andrea: Yeah I know.
Maristellar: (stops the van, opens the van door, gets Esteban in the van) Get in or move?
Esteban: Maris and Andrea?
(Andrea gets up in the van, and Andrea and Maris are holding the knife each other)
The girls Dragged Esteban in the Garage:
(Andrea and Maris are gonna dragged Esteban in Maris' house)
Andrea: What do I tell you? (gets the knife)
Esteban: Andrea, Andrea, can you just leave?
Andrea: Just shut up! Huh? I told you, I just pranked you.
Esteban: Maris loved me.
Andrea: She doesn't love you! She has Rolando! My friend remember! (gets the cutter, and scrapes Esteban's neck)
(Maris just tied up the rope for Esteban)
Maris: Andi. Just go to the gradnite.
Andi: June 5th okay!
Maris: Let's go!
Andi Maris: (makes the Loser sign) Whatever! Losers! (laughter)
Esteban: No!!!
02-07-2019: Andrea X Maris/Murguia's Birthday Party:
Maris: Lugo?
Andrea L: Yeah?
Maris: Yesterday we pranked Esteban.
Andrea L: No. Esteban pranked first!!
(from the flashback of 12/14/2018:)
(Rolando, Murguia, Maris, Andrea L, Santos, and the others are throwing some of the pranks at Esteban's house)
(flashback ends)
02-23-2019: Missed The Parties:
At Maris House: Bedroom: Maris and Andrea are looking the Esteban's pictures together:
Maris and Andrea: (laughter)
Andrea: Wow! What a stupid guy about Martin's Party so bad!
Maris: Yeah that's cool, I just downloaded the video already.
Andrea: Did you get your video camera?
Maris: I did! Thank you!
02-25-2019: Bra Photoshoot:

03-09-2019: Nightlife With the Boys:
At Maris House: Bedroom: Maris' outfit looks very classy for her formal dress:
Maris: I think it fits me.
Andrea: Yeah, I just stayed with your mom right now.
Maris: I know, such a great boho for my bedroom.
Andrea: (opens Maris drawers, gets bralette, closes the drawer) I think you have the size small
Maris: Hahaha I know.
03-10-2019: Maris is Drunk:
At Maristellar House: Maris Guest Room:
Andrea: Maristellar? How was Torres birthday night?
Maristellar: Great! (puts my purse away)
Andrea: Do not put your purse in the guest room, it smells bad.
Maristellar: Yeah I know.
03-14-2019: Andrea quits the Volleyball Games:

04-01-2019: Andrea visits Maris House/Friendship Park Garden:

04-05-2019: Andrea's 18 Birthday Party/ Bonding at Andrea's:
At Andrea's House: Backyard:
Andrea: Enjoy the drinks everyone! Umm Maris? Wanna talk to you?
Maristellar: Umm yeah what is it?
Andrea: Celeste cannot invite me, because she was very mad.
Maristellar: Oh you meant Cel. (drinks Sangria)
Andrea: Yes Maris.
04-10-2019: Is Esteban ugly or he is officially gay in class?/ Evil Plans for Esteban:
At School: Main Hallway: Students are still laughing at Esteban's locker:
Leah: Maris, I got your papers this morning, and I printed some Esteban's viral photos from school, so would you like to keep it?
Maris: Umm Leah, Sure. (reads the Viral Paper) Okay I know it.
Cody: Maris, Where is Esteban?
Maris: He's stuck in the traffic when the bus is still leaving.
Cody: Okay I'm here!
Andrea: Cody, who are you?
Cody: (To Andrea) Cody. Maris' 3rd period bestie.
Andrea: Oh I am Andrea.
Cody: So where do we find the cutter?
Andrea: In your locker.
Cody: (opens the locker, gets the cutter, closes the locker)
(Esteban enters)
(school bell rings)
(students must leave the classes)
Cody: Bye girls.
Andrea Maris: Bye!
(Cody exits)
Evil Plans Clip:
At Classroom: Algebra Class:
Algebra Teacher: Okay class let's begin with these warmups.
(students writes on the board for the today's warmup)
Eduardo: Umm Miss, Someone just wrote Esteban is Gay this morning.
Algebra Teacher: Just Write. Leah, go to the principal office right now.
(students booing to Leah)
Andrea: Guys shut up and write!
Algebra Teacher: Thanks Andrea. Is Celeste Jasmine here?
Eduardo: Umm she has the doctor's appointment with her mom.
Algebra Teacher: Okay, I'll text her mom.
Andrea: Your sister is having her cough problem.
Maristellar: Yeah I know.
04-12-2019: Picnic with the Girls:

04-15-2019. Somebody just pranked Esteban this morning when he was late in class:

04-23-2019: Esteban's House Located:

04-25-2019: Jesus Christ:

05-01-2019: Vs Esteban/ Circle: All Girl Out:
Vs Esteban Clip:
Andrea L: Looks like they have some airheads for you.
Maris: (chuckles) Thanks! (eats watermelon airheads)
Rolando: Okay, I have a tip! (gets Floor glue, and draws the x into the floor)
Esteban: (steps on my shoe)
Maris: Get Wasted! (sprays the toxic perfume)
Rolando, Maris, Andrea, Katie: (laughing)
Circle All Girl Out Clip:
At Maris House: Bedroom:
Maris: Thanks for coming to my house!
Andrea: You're welcome. I dated Eric in 2017/2018. He just holded my hand to watch the movie, and Karla is very upset to me.
Karla: Excuse me! That's not fair Andrea. Umm by the way, Rolando just kissed me, and Alexa just freaked out in the class. I think she's okay right now.
Maris: (drinks blue razz slurpee) I know Karla, I just apologized to you.
05-09-2019: Talking in the Girls Bathroom/ Circle in Andrea's House:
Talking in the girls bathroom clip:

Circle Clip:
Andrea: Maris, did you just slipped into Esteban's wardrobe?
Maris: (drinks 7up) Yeah I did, because I went to the chemistry class, and I put some undies into the floor, and when he came into the class, he slipped on my jean flares.
Rolando: You know, she needs my cigarette!
Maris: Great deal! (gets my cigarette)
05-10-2019: Esteban's Third Prank:

05-13-2019: Girls Night In:

05-15-2019: Who cheated Esteban on Mother's Day?:
At School: Classroom: Maris is in the classroom watching Esteban and Kimberly are having sex:
Andrea: That was so pathetic!
Maristellar: I know.
Valerie: Ready Amiga?
Andrea: Yeah I am. (gets my backpack)
05-19-2019: Maristellar Party Bid Day:

05-24-2019: It was Sammy's Fault:
At School: Cafeteria: Andrea, Linette, Maris and Valerie are in the cafeteria:
Valerie: I am so sorry about you and Esteban.
Maris: That's okay Valerie, I have 2 boys.
Linette: No way Maris! Did you slipped to Rolando?
Maris: Yeah, Sammy just saved me!
(Andrea and Linette are hi fiving each other)
05-31-2019: Class of 2019 Party:

06-05-2019: Graduation Night:

06-06-2019: Graduation Dance:

06-07-2019: Graduation 2019:
At Graduation Ceremony: All Graduates are still chattering:
Maris: Congratulations!
Andrea: Well thanks Maris! Umm Rolando has the gift!
Maris: (opens the gift) It's my necklace! Thanks!
Sebastian: Maris, thanks for your bday gift on Sunday.
Maris: Anytime!
06-10-2019: Summer Jobs Application:

06-11-2019: Andrea apologized to Celeste for fighting in classroom:

06-18-2019: Summer Job Announcement:

06-19-2019: Andrea meets Eli:

06-27-2019: Last Day Of School Party:

06-28-2019: The Last Day of Summer School:

07-01-2019: Andrea founded the Bikini in Paulina's car:
At Andrea's House: Garage:
Beaner: Umm Maria, can you just watch my car?
Maristellar: (to Beaner, snaps your fingers) It's Maris.
Beaner: Sorry Maris.
Maristellar: Sure I'll watch your car.
07-02-2019: Valerie, Paulina Z, Maris, Andrea, Beaner and Celeste: Sneaking at Esteban's House/ Circle in Andrea's Living Room:

07-04-2019: 4th of July Celebration:

07-09-2019: Beach Summer Fun:

07-15-2019: House party without Esteban:

07-22-2019: 1st Day of Sophomore:

07-25-2019: Signing the Dance Classes:
At School: Dance Room: All everyone signing Dance classes:
Dance Teacher: Thanks everyone!
Andrea: Celeste is joining us.
Dance Teacher: Celeste Jasmine, is that you?
Celeste Jasmine: Yeah.
08-08-2019: Andrea defends Esteban for what happened to Maris after school:
At School: Main Hallway:
Andrea: Amiga, what's wrong?
Maris: Everyone just stared at me for doing the mistakes!
Andrea: Oh my gosh why?! Are you being a selfish again?
Maris: (nods)
Andrea: Oh my gosh, I will defend Esteban right now.
(Andrea holds Maris hand, and goes upstairs, and seeing Esteban talking to Jeff)
Maris: You such a defense! (slaps)
Esteban: Maris, why did you hit me?
Maris: I don't care about you.
Eduardo: Maris, Maris! Please stop defensive!
Maris: What about your side?!
Eduardo: We have to talk about your circle!
Maris: Okay.
08-12-2019: Summer Luwow Invitation:
At School: Maris and Andrea are sitting in the tables and it says Summer Luwow:
Andrea: Alight everyone, I will pass out some Summer luwow Invitation for everyone.
Maristellar: Sign these Luwow Papers for us?!
Andrea: Maris, please cut it out, we're in the Luwow Section.
Maristellar: I know it's my party duh!
08-15-2019: Announcement of the Summer Luwow:

08-16-2019: All everyone is invited:
At Maris House: Backyard: All students are enjoying some Luwow Dances, Snacks, Games and more.
Andrea: Thank you for the invite Maris.
Maristellar: You're welcome! Umm by the way, is Esteban invited?
Andrea: No he's not invited, because he went out with his friends.
Maristellar: (gets a plate, gets coconut shrimp, gets Bbq) I think this feast was perfect for the summer vacation!
Andrea: I know right?!
Maris: Yeah Totally.
(Eduardo Enters)
Eduardo: Maristellar.
Maristellar: Hola Eduardo! (kisses you)
Eduardo: (kisses back) Umm how was your design contest from the Fashion show?
Maristellar: Umm I didn't go for the Fashion contest, because I got the 9th place.
Eduardo: Ugh, you should go!
Maristellar: Alright. (eats bbq)
Eduardo: Where is your cousin Andrea?
Andrea: She's not invited, because she just killed her sister all the time.
08-22-2019: Spoiled Brat By David:

08-23-2019: Field Trip:

08-25-2019: I'm going to party with the boys:
At Maris House: Bathroom/Bedroom: Maris is putting her makeup and hair done quick:
Maris: I think we have to go on the boys date!
Katie: You are right sis! (gets my hair done fixed) So I am going on the white dates.
Maris: Cool! Andrea?
Andrea: Yeah Maristellar?
Maris: Are you done doing some makeup and hair?
Andrea: No.
Maris: Why?
Andrea: I cannot go. (gets your high heels ready)
Katie: Okay who left the bag?
Andrea: Maristellar.
Katie: (shrugs)
Torres: You ready?
Maris: I am ready.
Katie: Me too!
Torres: Katherine, are you sure?
Katie: Yeah I am sure!
(Part 2):