■ Captain's Log ■
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2020-09-18 20:43:49 (UTC)


such i figure, i must get into a rhythm, and go for the best luck. Win win for both.. anyways, i got my hair cut done at the time sky go dark. A little bit rain in the afternoon made my mood for a fresh hair cut. Outside really humid and hot.. but its Autumn. A far distant ride on my motorbike should made my sleep better.
Make the best for all my trips on my bike. And these days is better take my cover on. From a broker on phone gave me this message that the pandemic is going to be a frequent issue ahead. I should stay safe, and keep my life steady, no troubles. By all the psych, should be came from holy. My thoughts need to be cultivated, with positive attitude and good behavior. The rhythm i am aware of should keep life now straight, and full fill. Wish the best.