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2020-09-17 10:56:58 (UTC)

another fall

Went to Wellington. Worked half a day.
Stopped at Rhumshack on the way home.
Got home in plenty of time to take Beth to the clinic. but she was adamant she wasn't going. So I couldn't get her to go. We both went to bed early.
In the middl of the night, she was up at her computer. Sometime later, I felt a grab at my foot and heard a thud. She had fallen. I got up and helped her as best I could. One way it helps she's light enough for me to manhandle, another way, it could lead to more injuries. but i got her back in bed. She asked my what I was doing with Mark. (I'm Mark.)
It was a hot night at first, then cold, with the AC.

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