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2020-09-18 05:17:47 (UTC)

Ruff 🐶Ruff

Well, as I suspected.......
He had no place for Shelby.
I said....
There’s no plastic on the floor, however, in order for her to be a resident here, she must be taken out every 45 minutes. She is to sleep in her kennel all night, no exceptions.
He is to buy me 3 baby gates for the Kitchen and Hallway. When I need to leave, she will go in the kitchen or her kennel.
I will not tolerate daily accidents on my carpet. Every now and then I get it, but daily, no t flying with me.

So, he came up yesterday because he needed me. I did get paid 200$ so I can pay bills. So, sadly, it’s more work than 200$, but, I’m helping him keep his little princess while he is homeless.
He did, apply for a fish job 20 minutes from here and said he would move closer.

Sad thing is, damage is done. I don’t see myself getting past it.

He texts me when he is home, I don’t text back, he clearly said more than 3 times, Do NOT text me when I’m at home, only call.
Soon, he will miss my messages, my gifs, my funny sends on Snapchat, etc. and he is the one to blame. I’m doing as I was requested. You asked, you got it.

There’s been too many demands in this relationship. Like he is superior. I’ve become slightly bitter internally. I don’t look at his photos the same.

It’s ok tho.

I talked to river man again yesterday for a few minutes via text. There’s something not sitting right. He’s hiding something. I get the feeling he’s not what he seems.

DD1 grew his hair back out. I love it. Didn’t care for him bald, but he has more grey now, 😂🤣 and that’s the reason he shaved it to begin with. I find the grey sexy, but understand he’s early 30s and he hates it.

Other that that, going to bank today, paying my bills, and will be broke again.

So, off to get coffee and start laundry and make breakfast for the kid, feed the animals, and roll through the day.