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me and my life
2020-09-17 14:18:38 (UTC)

Contemplation of life

So after last talk with V, we had a whatsApp chat i asked him don't you miss me? To which he answered very lamely saying yes I do but what can be done? 🙄 I mean really??? So lame. Still cold? Fucker!
Then after some talk I again blocked him he called me which went to blocked calls so I called him next day and he behaved wierd may be some one was around him, damn m still giving him benefit of doubt. And he said I had called yesterday, can we not workout about our relationship? I was like what lame yaar I just disconnected. I mean where the hell you hide in a den or what that you asking me to let's workout relationship how stupid. Am glad am not with him.
Anyways I promise to not aproach him again. Be mature and to be less considerate about ppl who don't deserve. Focus on self, career, and in searching a guy. Also I was wondering that I spent enough of time on family as well without thinking about self. M proud of it but still should now think of self, self development.

Today is Ashmita, I sent her a cake.
Tomorrow I'll go home am glad. I want to lay ony bed enjoy my Netflix on my wifi.
Today m feeling cranky, sad etc maybe PMSing. I have lot of stress back of my mind. Let's see how things go. Job marriage phewwwww
Cya all