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2020-09-17 12:52:22 (UTC)

NFL Week 2:

Last week saw most of us here at Mile High Report just slogging through the pick’em to a 9-7 record. Only Scotty Payne finished better at 10-6 and poor Joe Rowles tanked to a 5-11 mark for Week 1. I personally went against the gain a lot and came out 50-50 on those risky picks and ended up with everyone else.

a football player on a field© Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images
Only I played the against the spread game and I did much better on that front than I did in straight up pick’em. I went 10-6 on the week, but really it was the steamroll late that saved me as I hit the spread win on every late game and Monday night. Jess Place and I competed on the over/under scores and he wiped the floor with me going 10-6 to my 7-9.

How did you all do last week? Surely better than most of us.

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