god i love getting my feelings hurt
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2020-09-16 21:43:56 (UTC)

the abstinent 18 yr old

you know what i think im just never going to have sex and let me tell you why. one, the most obvious reason, i was groomed from a young age and everytime i engage in sexual activity i dissociate from myself. two, the way every women has describe to me how men only last 4 pumps. like that just seems like a waste of a body count honestly. but i mean i am bisexual but i cant imagine myself doing it with another women so lets go to the third reason. its going to hurt. i already knows this but the idea of my first time having sex and not enjoying while the guy has the time of his life doesnt sit right with me. why is sex so hyped up anyways. like what are you even supposed to say ? maybe its because i havent found the right person yet but then theres this thing called casual sex and its like ????????? i envy girls who can do that. maybe sex just isnt for me. what if i turn into one of the sexual sadist who only get off by killing people. im joking sorry too much criminal minds. anyways the stigma surrounding sex is overhyped but hey im the virgin so i dont know what im talking about