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2020-09-16 19:32:30 (UTC)

Ready to call it over

Man, why the hell did I make the first move....
Been one hell of a headache since.
All he wants to do is fight and argue.

“You don’t know what I’m going through “
I had to remind him, yes, I do, been there and been through worse.
He is one person, he is an adult, he has choices, and options, but is making his discussions. His choices.

Guess he has a new home for Shelby. She stays over on Friday.
He is off work tomorrow because they are doing an apartment showing, and he doesn’t have the dog on the lease agreement, so has to take the day off and find something to do with the dog for 8 hours.

Other than the bullshit....
My ex finally got his car and trailer tonight, I said I was going to have it towed.
Got sick of it being here free of charge.

Called my bf in Canada
I’m sure he gave up on me

Just too much shit going on in my life

I have some bad muscle spasms going on right now so going to hit a few and try to relax and if I’m awake I will be back on here and if not I will write tomorrow