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2020-09-16 21:50:32 (UTC)

more about my retarded cousin

man, she's really crazy. like i don't know what to tell you. she hasn't done her homework at all cause she's been on her phone all day talking to some pineapple heads. literally the only thing on her mind is boys bruh. i didn't mention that she's really rude like extremely rude. she'll say bad words in front of anyone and she'll apologize and say she won't do it again and seconds later she's at it again. she also disrespects her dad a lot. her dad is basically my uncle. the thing is my uncle tells a bunch of lies and what not and all of my family knows that. as well as his daughter (my cousin). and she despises him a lot. like a lot. but i mean even though he's not the best father and tells a bunch of lies for like absolutely no reason he's still her dad. he's the one that has maintained her her whole entire life. once her mother died (i think of cancer) he obviously had to take care of her. she was born here just so it wouldn't be so hard to get her papers so that she'll be able to pass as many times as she wants. she's basically lived in Mexico her whole entire life but after her mother died her grandmother nor her aunt would let her come over here to have fun. and her dad tried so hard to bring her over here. just to find out he's being called a slimy and annoying old man behind his back by his own daughter. my honest thoughts is that i thought she was totally a different person like innocent wise. but once seeing her true self i was astonished. like to think i've known her since i was very little and no seeing what she's become really just blew my mind.

now my uncle is sitting right in front of me all sad since he found out (which was last night i think). it makes me sad as well even i'm about to cry because i mean he was totally played for almost 13 years by her own daughter. all he did was provide her food, love her, and try his best to make her happy. he has committed some errors but that doesn't compare to what he's done for her. i'm honestly embarrassed to even have her as my cousin. the only time he only loves him is when he buys her something like clothes and stuff like that. it's disgusting. i can't tell her anything because sometimes staying silent is the best choice. until she realizes the many errors she's done that's when she'll realize and that's when she'll definitely cry about something that actually matters and not for some stupid boy.

anyways my uncle just asked if i wanted to go to the store to buy her daughter some clothes so i think i'll go since i wanna buy a couple things too. wish me luck since i'll be a bystander from the whole situation. bababooey out.