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2020-09-16 21:33:38 (UTC)

U Pay Me

Brisa Cantu Edits 2015
Brisa Edits 2016
Brisa Gets savaged to Esteban 2016
Katerina Edits April 2017
Brisa September 2015 Edits
Kimberly Edits October 2013

[Hook - Young Dolph:]
Still driving these bitches crazy
Forever got a due to the fact that the streets made me
She asked can she hit the weed, I said "That's ok with me"
But I'm still screaming "Fuk u pay me"
Fuk u pay me [x6]
I ain't be feeling like doing shit but counting paper lately
All of my bitches be wanting to have threesomes lately

I'm in the back of the back when I back out
Wrapped like a man inside of a crack house
Everybody know I'm a fashionista
Trap trapping out like [?] house
Everybody know what that's about
Swag up to my forehead, Miami from a [?] day
Drinking lean on a moped
Inner shake down for some romance
Look me in the eyes like a grown man
Seen a girl from high school
Busting moves on a pole dance
Southside Atlanta shit
Might boss the world with some counterfeits
Tell a nigga it's sold out, killed the game #PolarBear
I ain't packing for some more there
Long money, long hair
Long nose, leave you long gone
Stretch you out like a long chair
Fuk u pay me, kick your shit like [?]'s is there
Comfortable like Hermès, drive a ho crazy #HairBand


[Young Dolph:]
You owe me mula, where's my guala?
You ain't got it? We got problems
Got to send my partner them shotters
I mean them shooters
In the club ordering bottles, strictly for the models
For the bed worth of Versace, get on one side on my closet
Fuck the shit out of little mama and drive her Looney Tunes
Play with me, I'll introduce you to the Gooney Tunes
These niggas trash, sweep them up, I need a broom
The bitch's nigga she ditched on us and then met me out the room
Showed up in that [?], caught butt naked like Robin Givens
Sexy pretty ass ghetto bitch straight from out Memphis
Scream out that droptop: "Fuk u pay me"
You better keep that Glock out, boy you know these streets shaded
Where the fuck you've been lately?


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